Celebrating Community - Why We Love Olds, Alberta

Olds, Alberta

Olds, Alberta


In the heart of Alberta lies a charming town that captures the essence of community living - Olds. For a town of 10,000, Olds manages to offer many amenities that contribute to its thriving community spirit. At RE/MAX ACA Realty, we take pride in being a part of this vibrant community and witnessing the many reasons why Olds is cherished by its residents.


Outstanding Facilities for a Town of 10,000


Olds, Alberta, despite its size, is strategically located just 45 minutes away from the major international hub of Calgary Airport. It boasts outstanding educational facilities, healthcare facilities, and recreational facilities that cater to the diverse needs of its residents.


The town also offers outstanding food services with a variety of international culinary choices, from local eateries to fine dining establishments. Retail shopping is equally impressive, ranging from small private boutiques to large Big Box Stores, providing a comprehensive shopping experience for the community.

What truly sets Olds apart is its citizen base – a dependable, caring, and supportive community deeply involved in local activities. Choosing to reside in a small town like Olds comes with unique advantages, including the sense of community, a slower pace of life, and genuine connections forged with neighbors. At RE/MAX ACA Realty, we understand the appeal of small-town living and are here to help you find your perfect home in Olds.


Scenery, Parks, and Outdoor Activities


Olds College Botanic Gardens & Constructed Wetlands


One of the jewels in Olds' is the Olds College Botanic Gardens and Constructed Wetlands. This oasis, open to the public free of charge from dawn till dusk during the gardening season (April to October), offers more than just a stroll down a garden path. Meticulously designed to meet instructional needs and serve as a canvas for research projects, the gardens boast diverse collections, including hardy peonies, lilies, and roses. With natural areas, aquatics, herb gardens, and captivating annual displays, this space is a testament to Olds' commitment to beauty, education, and sustainability.


Olds Golf Course 


For those who enjoy a round of golf surrounded by nature's beauty, the Olds Golf Club stands out as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary. Offering a championship golf experience at an affordable price, the club maintains its mission of providing an accessible community recreational facility. With Championship caliber course conditions, fair pricing, and friendly service, the Olds Golf Course is a beloved spot for both seasoned golfers and novices alike, contributing to the thriving recreational scene in the community.


Olds Golf Club, Olds, Alberta

Olds Golf Club, Olds, Alberta


Local Shops and Restaurants


Olds College Brewery 


Step into the Olds College Brewery, a social enterprise where the passion for brewing meets a commitment to education. The brewery channels all revenue from beer sales towards supporting education and nurturing the brewing industry. With a diverse range of beer styles and creative seasonal brews, the Olds College Brewery is not only a destination for beer enthusiasts but also a training ground for the next generation of brewers. Find their products at the Retail Store or in leading bars and restaurants across central Alberta, savoring the taste of community-driven craftsmanship.


Blue Grill Restaurant


In the heart of Olds, you can find delicious food at Blue Grill Restaurant. Owned by the talented Chef Chathura, this culinary gem offers a unique dining experience that reflects Chathura's extensive background. From culinary school in Sri Lanka to prestigious hotels around the globe, including Michelin-starred restaurants, Chef Chathura's journey is a testament to the diverse experiences that converge in Olds. Blue Grill Restaurant stands as a culinary destination that encapsulates Olds' spirit of innovation and excellence.

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Olds, Alberta, is more than just a location; it's a community that thrives on shared experiences, diverse recreational opportunities, and a commitment to excellence. Whether you're captivated by the beauty of the Botanic Gardens, seeking an affordable golfing experience, or savoring the culinary delights of local establishments, Olds has something to offer everyone. At RE/MAX ACA Realty, we celebrate the spirit of community that makes Olds a truly special place to call home.